Thanks for your hard work; we are both very pleased about the result. Please find cheque attached. I'm sure we will use your services again.

  All the best
      Nick and Jane

Dear Mr Baldwin

Please find enclosed my cheque for 230.00 in payment of your invoice dated 10 December for the table and stand for my computer workstation. They not only do perfectly the job they were designed for but the lovely warm tone of the wood quite contrasts the dull grey of the equipment.

  Thank you very much I am so pleased with them.

Dear Mr Baldwin,

I am just writing to let you know that I was absolutely delighted with the work that you did at the office. Every body who has seen it has commented on the superb standard of workmanship. If you wish to use this letter to let other potential customers know of your high standards of workmanship, please do so.

  Many thanks,
      R. Dale, Dale and Co. Solicitors.